How to Enjoy the Party and Set the Tone

Tips for hosts before the party starts

My wife and I love entertaining.  However, my wife sometimes gets anxious before the party even starts wondering if everything is clean, perfect, just right and if people will have a good time.  During the party, she starts cleaning up and ends up missing some of the fun. Once her 20-something cousin even asked her, “Why are you cleaning and not hanging out with us? You seem stressed out.”  (By the way, my wife gave me permission to share this story if it helps someone). She regrets when she spends more time cleaning than having fun.

Enjoy The Party and Stop Cleaning

I know she can get like this and sense that other people do also.

Your guests will feel your energy.  Therefore, a great host enjoys the party and sets the tone.

The Solution to Enjoy The Party

Instead, take 10 minutes to close your eyes before your guests arrive.  My wife does mini meditations so this is the ideal suggestion for her.  Next time you have a party, visualize yourself:

  • Letting things get messy instead of stepping away to clean
  • Enjoying your guests (instead of them wondering where you are)

Try it at least one time. I bet you’ll feel better at your next party. If all else fails, have a little glass of wine and enjoy some great music outside.

My wife does mini meditations now before every party.  I enjoy the party more now that she’s calmer.  I swear the guests have an even better time seeing that we aren’t picture perfect and that we love to eat, drink and have a great time!

Question: Which type are you – cleaning as the party goes or cleaning after the party ends?  Share your answer on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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