Which menu would you change?

New 4-course menu revealed

I like going to restaurants and having my favorite dish.  However, lately I’ve been more adventurous and want to try something new to become a new favorite.

Recently, I decided to leave my favorite restaurant because I started to get bored with the menu.  That got me thinking, it’s time I changed my own menu.  My clients are ready for something new too!

Therefore, I reviewed restaurant and chef websites, saved photos and took notes.  Then I remembered my Master Chef I studied under said, “Over time chef’s get used to using the same seasonings and food starts to taste the same.”  So I threw out half of my seasonings, bought ones I never used or typically don’t use.  Then I started playing with my pots and pans in my test kitchen, whipping out dish and after dish.  A few made the cut and inspired new menus on my website, which also got a major face-lift.

This test kitchen time with new ingredients and methods inspired me.  I think it will inspire you too.  My family and friends sure enjoyed the test menu’s.

Question: What’s your favorite dish that you usually order at a restaurant?  Your answer may inspire the next menu. You can leave a comment by clicking here.